Menstrual Acne: Regulating your Estrogen Levels

A lot of women suffer from acne. Most of them usually breakout just before their menstrual period. This type of acne also referred as menstrual acne is due to the drop of estrogen levels and the increase in progesterone levels. As we all know acne is a hormonal condition. When certain hormones fluctuate, it is most likely that you will get acne. The key in treating acne caused by hormonal fluctuations is by understanding how your hormones behave. Let us dive in and understand how estrogen affects acne. To know more, read this.

The Menstrual Cycle and Acne

Estrogen levels are highest during the pre-ovulation stage. It is unlikely that you develop acne during this stage as estrogen binds with androgen receptors. After ovulation, estrogen levels fall. When this happens, testorone binds with androgen receptors causing your sebaceous glands to go overdrive. When more oil is produced, the excess oil get trapped inside your pores. Dead skin cells clump up together to form a plug preventing the oil to reach the surface. When acne bacteria is trapped with the sebum and other dirt particles, it converts the sebum to fatty acids allowing the bacteria to replicate and multiply. The inflammatory reaction caused by your immune system to get rid of the acne bacteria is what causes the signs and symptoms of acne.

Though the drop of estrogen levels can contribute to the formation of acne, it is unlikely that you will breakout if your pores are properly cleansed and there are no dead skin cells that clog your pores. Proper skin care is very important. Neglecting your skin care routine can not only cause you to have more acne but will also aggravate your existing acne condition.

How to Treat Acne by Altering your Estrogen Levels

You may have already heard about birth control pills as an acne treatment. Birth control pills contains a mixture of progestin and synthetic estrogen. Those pills that contain more estrogen can help you prevent future acne breakouts. However, these pills cannot treat existing blemishes. Your existing blemishes would go through the acne cycle and the painful inflammation process. As your immune system contains the acne causing bacteria, the signs and symptoms of acne will gradually subside.

Sometimes Altering Estrogen Levels are Not Enough

Though may help in preventing future acne outbreaks, it is important that you still use an over the counter acne treatment, such as the exposed skin care system, to directly attack your blemishes. These over the counter acne brands will speed up the healing of your acne lesions.